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Change Your Voice Male To Female

As you know how to change your voice on mobile how difficult it has become to change your voice and nowadays everyone is interested in how to change your voice how to change your voice how to change your voice will talk if you talk to a girl you can talk in a girl’s voice if you talk to a girl you can talk in a boy’s voice today’s paragraph if you watch and if If you study well then you will learn how to change your voice like you know use phone and WhatsApp and how popular these things are and how many there are. A girl has a smart phone, everyone seems to be mobile and when you are mobile, you have an idea of ​​how you can change your voice.

Your Quick Answers:-

▶You think you can change your voice now, is it possible? The correct answer is yes, you can change your voice.
▶If our voice changes, can we talk on the call or anywhere? That means I can share it with you
▶ Your voice will change into a girl’s voice, will it be a real voice or a fake voice, then the answer is correct that your voice will be neither real nor fake, that is, it will be a voice from the middle.
▶Whatever you use which you will use election is it free the answer is yes it is absolutely free you can use it whenever you want
▶ Can you share this voice on whatsapp anywhere on social media then the answer is yes you can share it anywhere and this operation can be done by any phone number
▶ Now there is one more thing that you will also think now that you will change your voice is this setting in mobile see when you download from play store then auto application will download in your phone You don’t need any version

Today I will show you step by step how to change your voice.

How to talk in a girl’s voice?

First of all you have to open this application after opening here you will find a button for recording.

So you can see here your recording button is visible now click on your coat button to record your voice.

As soon as you record your voice you will now have a lot of effects here that you want to change your voice to mirror the voice you recorded.

Now as you see here you will see a button female click here now by clicking here you are listening to your voice how do you like your voice after that you are listening to your voice. Can share and listen anywhere

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